Word Document Corruption

An MS Word document is simply more than what you comprehend. It can be referred as a compound file. It comprises of four basic parts, viz. embedded objects, content, header, and summary. To work flawlessly, MS Word requires all these objects to perform efficiently.
While opening, MS Word checks the file format, which may be .doc, .docx, rtf, .txt etc. However, when the format is incorrect, MS word attempts to convert it to a form that can be read and understood.
After recognizing format or after converting it, Word moves to craft the Word object model. The data present in the document forms its basis. All objects like sections, paragraphs, and fields that are later used to perform some operations like printing, viewing etc, are made a part of the document. Though, conversion of the format is not possible in every case. This is because sometimes a document doesn’t open owing to corruption.
Corruption in the Word document can occur due to several reasons such as Macro virus, Invalid digital signature issue or Invalid Macro. Missing or partial data streams, header corruption are some other certain problems that may halt the working of a Word document. But again, the most common reason of corruption could be the bug in application itself which restricts content storage in the document, as a result of which it may fail to get opened correctly.
There is also a problem, what we call as round-tripping that may corrupt the document. It happens with the repetitive conversion of document in and out of Word formats. In some such situations, the data is converted in such a way that its tolerance level degrades and results into corruption. At this point of time, your document requires word repair.
The document corrupted in any of the above mentioned cases can be retrieved by using Word recovery software. The process of Word Recovery is done with exceptional care so that all your data can be recovered from the corrupted Word document.

Problems while Trying to Open a Word 2003 Document

As we know that Microsoft Word 2003 is a better and secure version, when compared to its predecessors. It introduces various features, like document comparison, reading layout view, Research Task Pane, improved change-tracking and more other features. You might observe several issues comes while trying to open a Word 2003 document. This might occur due to several reasons. One of the most is document corruption, to solve which you will need to use your recent file backup or repair it using Word Repair applications.
As an instance, you might observe any of the below symptoms while attempting to open a Word 2003 document:
  • The document doesn’t open successfully and its text appears to be filled with strange characters like square boxes
  • You encounter an error suggesting that the document is corrupt and to repair it, you should use Open and Repair option or Text Recovery converter
  • You encounter a message indicating errors in file. The error further describes to check the file permissions and hard disk for sufficient space
  • You observe File Conversion dialog box and Preview pane consisting of unreadable content
Word 2003 exhibits the above behavior in one of the following conditions:
Document is read-only
Links or the document is damaged
You need to ensure for appropriate file permissions. If this is not the case, try repairing the damaged Word 2003 document using these methods:
  • Firstly Restore from backup
  • Use Open and Repair feature
  • If damaged links is the issue, you can open such documents in draft mode, making sure that you don’t update the links
  • Create a new document and try inserting the damaged document as a file in it
  • Create a new document and link the document from it
  • Try opening the document in Word Pad
Use third-party Stellar word repair applications to scan and repair the Word 2003 document
Word Recovery tools come embedded with advanced scanning features to allow safe and complete Word document repair.

Recovered my Non Responsive Project Thesis

Having worked diligently on one of my thesis, when I decided to submit it, I thought of taking one last look. After all, revising your work to reduce the mistakes is always a good idea. But, the document refused to open! Instead the computer stopped responding when I booted it! I didn't know whether to be happy that I had not submitted the file in such a state, or should I be upset that all my work was not accessible, probably lost! I had worked hard, but it was all lost. A friend suggested to me that word recovery tool was possible!

Bewildered, I went to his place, and I discussed things at hand. He told me, he had faced similar problem once and had been able to repair the document and thus perform Word recovery. We went to my place and booted the system. What followed was a journey of major ups and downs.

  • First of all he tried to open another file to check if the application was running fine. Word was fine. Then he tried to open the file on his laptop (he had brought that to help me!). He had two different versions of Word. But the problem continued.
  • Tried to open the file in draft mode by first disabling the automatic updation of links.
  • Since that didn't work, tried to insert the document as a file in a new document. But the same failed!
  • Since my document didn't have anything expect text, and formatting, he tried to use the Recover Text from Any File(*.*) option. But even that didn't work in my case.
  • Since I didn't have a backup of my work, he suggested to me that he had an application too that could be used for .doc recovery. I was apprehensive about trying something new, but it was a read-only application, and would not have altered my file, even if the repair it did failed. The Repair word file application had been so designed to extract all the data from that file and save it as a new file at another location, while leaving the original file as is.

And sure enough, it did work in my case as well. Though he had suggested to me earlier too, but I was apprehensive about it. Now, being the last resort, I opted for it, as my thesis was very important.

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